Demo '13

by Solanum

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Recorded live at the jamspace


released June 8, 2013

Lee - Guitar
Nolan - Bass
Anders - Drums
Cam - Vocals



all rights reserved


Solanum Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Track Name: Beg For Your Life
Mind burns with hate - Put me through hell and back
Planning the date - Routine i'm keeping track
Regret the day - You ever crossed my path
Vengeance repaid - Abduction Aftermath

You're stranded in a room with no lights
Unleash my tools of torture your body shakes with fright
Bleed you til your senses are gone
Yearn to make you suffer I've been waiting for too long

In human flesh you'll pay - My blade will cut you deep
Skin torn away - A trophy I will keep
You beg and you plead - Try to avoid your fate
Feed my violent need - A corpse I will create

Your bones break when they're squeezed by my vice
Expose your open nerves and leave you for the night
Inflammation seizes the wounds
My killing floor your resting place a burial tomb

Cry at the sight of my knife, I'll make you beg for your life
Torment is all you'll know, Blood lust continues to grow
Oxygen being deprived, impaled and split open wide
Harvest the organs beneath, a sadistic gory defeat

Cry at the sight of my knife, I'll make you beg for your life
Helpless and ready to crack, you fucked with the wrong maniac
Appendages are nailed on display, emotionless I hack away
Dissolving the optics can't see, test subject for cheap surgery

Amputate, eviscerate, incinerate, now you die

Beg for your life
Track Name: Homicide-Suicide
Tormented masses day by day no sentiment just hell
Inside their minds is violent rage no safeguards in their head
Perception rampant normal life so typical and bland
Ruined souls on borrowed time don't see they're already dead

All consuming hatred that's growing everyday
Addiction to pure suffering humanity must pay
All their peers that morning would never have a clue
That in a few short hours they'd be all over the news
Stockpile some pipe bombs a couple mac ten's
They'll all drop like flies it's all gonna end
Mow down the panicked masses nobody will be spared
A jaded society might pretend to care

Natural selection amalgamates with wrath
Unsuspecting targets are standing in their path
A hidden agenda kept secret from them all
Tear down their institutions the status quo will fall
Endless ammunition bombardment never stops
Spray from sawed off shotguns firefights with cops
Smoke and flying shrapnel bystanders on the run
Today things will be different remember to have fun

Look at this scene it's a homicide suicide
Blood and debris a way of life no longer safe
Like a bad dream this homicide suicide
A community shattered their innocence raped

Metal piercing flesh is screaming people fleeing ethnic cleansing
Sea of bodies never ending satisfaction perfect killing
Empty chambers rounds exhausted blatant slaughter so fulfilling
None remaining self inflicted execution vacant building

No need to plan an exit doesn't matter anymore
Questions left unanswered lay with shells upon the floor
The media surrounding respect is put on hold
A full barrage of coverage the tragedy is told
No discrimination everyone has died the same
Accusations flying they must find something to blame
Forensics have their hands full still hear the victim's cries
Basement tapes recovered more evidence of lies
Track Name: Narcotic Collapse
You've discovered true bliss that missing piece
Fulfilling all desires you've waited your whole life
And now its time to fly on stainless wings
No worries she delivers an enticing witch in white
She'll lift you up above feel free at last
Your outlook changes fast no more uncertainty
You should have known it's false that whore is fake
Broken lives her calling card destroying all she sees

O.D impending, the craving your greed is never ending, deadly addiction, flips the switch no turning back

Your time becomes consumed with so called friends
Strangers from before now united by the junk
You know they would betray straight sell you out
Leave you lying in the gutter if it meant just one last bump
All those who once loved the ones you hurt
write off your junky ass and remove you from their life
There is nowhere to turn all bridges burned
Desperation looms you crawl back to the pipe

The poison invading
Personality fading
Euphoric fixation
Inject to the max

Hypnotic substance
A crystal dependence
Mass organ failure
Narcotic collapse

Bank account bleeding
Skin tone receding
Perpetual dope fiend
Abrupt heart attack

Erasing your conscience
A mortal defiance
A life ending failure
Narcotic collapse

No doubt you will become just another bum
Now a hopeless case seen begging on the street
So much potential gone it's such a waste
Scumbag on the sidewalk bereft of dignity
She played you like a chump you lost it all
Worthless human trash with nothing left to show
Crumbling away nobody cares
Your only shred of hope they all left long ago
Track Name: Judge Mental
Stand before the Judge

Dictator of evil playing his game
Passing his judgement we all fear his name
Smashes the gavel the sentence is passed
Solitary confinement how long will you last
Beaten and shackled behind iron doors
Inhuman treatment your blood on the floor
Guilt is a given no need for a plea
No crime is forgiven you'll never be free

Guilty Guilty
You're tangled in a system of lies
Lifetime of torture
Pathetic worm the guards all despise
Lethal Injection
Deadly toxins course through your veins
Rotting cadaver
Infirmary will dissect your brain

Searching for justice where there's none
Judicial system is under his thumb
A jury of peers there's no such thing
You're trapped in his court the judge is king
locked in a chamber with toxiferous fumes
breathe your last breath in a cold septic room
Erased from all records you'll never be found
A nameless number who's now prison bound

Innocence no such thing
Cast aside by the one called Judge Mental
Kneel down before his throne
Final say it belongs to Judge Mental

Your fate
Abused by the chosen
It's all a lie
Fed to you
By the nameless in shadows

Stand before the Judge
Kneel before Judge Mental